The World at 100cm above Ground Level

In: Press Releases On: Friday, August 26, 2016

Singapore – When shopping for their furniture, parents are often spoilt for choice. However, the question that needs to be asked is whether these children’s furniture are designed for children or designed for their parents.

This is why Silvia Marlia created Sand for Kids. Too often children’s furniture are miniature versions of adult furniture or furniture that indulged parents’ fantasies of what their want for their children.

While adults and children may inhabit the same space we live in very different worlds. The world is very different to a person that is only 100cm tall.

Silvia was born in Milan and was raised amongst Italian designers in an architectural environment. Her passion for design and aesthetics began when she was a young student at the Rudolf Steiner School in Milan. There she learnt the importance of our relationship to nature and harmony - from colours to materials – the elements that children need to grow and develop.

As an adult, Silvia continued to study the Steiner philosophy and presented and participated in many seminars to further deepen her knowledge. She also studied the Montessori philosophy and holds an Association Montessori International (AMI) certificate.

Silvia prepared for the development of SAND designs through many hours of careful observation of children. It was only after compiling all of her notes from her detailed research did the designs began to take shape.

By combining her educational background with her deep passion for timeless design, Silvia was able to successfully create a coherent collection of natural, high quality functional furniture and objects specifically designed for children.

Following the Steiner approach to education, her design objective was to assist children to be free to express themselves and to modify their environment with non-intrusive functional furniture made from natural materials. Sand’s aesthetics follows Steiner’s carefully developed theories about the importance and use of color childhood development.

Sand’s furniture follows a key Montessori principle whereby children are encouraged to independently find and use the objects they need and also to put them away after use. Children are encouraged to do things by themselves and to take care of their belongings, while refining their motor skills and enjoying the endless discovery of the environment in which they need to grow independently.

Silvia exclusively designs for children. She also collaborates with international designers and artists to further add to the SAND collection.