How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Family

In: Tips and Tricks On: Friday, October 21, 2016

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Family

While getting a good night’s rest is dependent on a slew of factors - be it stress levels, comfort or room temperature - the most important thing to consider would a mattress. Ultimately, the right mattress will form the building block for uninterrupted slumber.

Benefits of sleeping well:

Improved Mood: With more sleep, you’re less likely to wake up feeling cranky and you’ll generally feel better emotionally.

Better Heart Health: Sleeping well would not only improve cardiac health but reduce the risk of potential heart diseases.

Improved Cognitive Ability: A good rest would enhance your cognitive functions like memory, attention, and reasoning. All of which will lead to better productivity in your life. 

Sleep Stats in Singapore

6 hours and 32 minutes is the average length of sleep clocked by Singaporeans. The third lowest country, after Tokyo and Seoul.

Insufficient sleep may affect work and school performance. It is also linked to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Experts recommend an average of 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Type of Mattress

Pocket Spring: Weight is distributed across the pocket springs to make for a more comfortable sleep, and it provides full support for the entire body. 

Memory Foam: The memory foam allows for it to mould according to your body shape. In addition, it will react to your body heat and places relatively low pressure on your joints.

Latex: Latex mattresses provide a firm and bouncy support throughout the bed. Similar to memory foam, it moulds itself to the natural contours of your body and has the added advantage of being hypo-allergenic.

All Restonic mattresses come in the individually pocketed spring system with a thin layer of latex on top. This is because natural latex is anti-fungal, resistant to dust mites, reduces motion transfer and highly durable.

Factors to Consider

The perfect mattress will deliver on support, comfort and durability. Whether firm or soft, the key is to achieve an ideal spinal alignment that will reduce pressure asserted on various points of the body.

Support: If it’s too firm, more pressure would be placed on your shoulder and hips, causing the spine to bend. If it’s too soft, the spine will not be properly aligned either and may lead to muscle stiffness.

Back Pain: If you suffer from back pain, a firmer mattress would be more suitable for you.

Sleeping Style:

Back: Sleeping on your back is considered to be good for your spine and neck, so long as you’re not sleeping on too many pillows. 

Recommend Mattress: Restonic Camille

Side: Together with arms on your side, this would provide the best support for your spine as it will be in its natural curve.

Recommend Mattress: Restonic Marissa

Front: This position would not be as ideal for your spinal alignment as it will cause the spine curve unnaturally.

Recommend Mattress: Restonic Kaitlyn

Motion Transfer: For couples it would be wise to test mattresses together especially if one of you is a light sleeper. Generally, individually pocketed spring mattresses like those from Restonic help to reduce motion transfer when your partner moves at night.

Warranty: A good mattress will last at least 8 years but it’s always wise to check that the warranty is not pro-rated. At OM-Home, we would replace the defective mattress with a brand new one, free of charge, for up to 10 years.