OM Furniture Blog | Choosing The Right Sofa

In: Tips and Tricks On: Friday, October 1, 2021

A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will need to invest in. People consider lots of factors when picking out the perfect sofa. When you thought you’ve finally settled on what you want, the endless choices when you step into the furniture store or browse online can be overwhelming. How do you know which is the right choice? Where do you begin looking?

We have gathered a few tips on picking the right sofa for your home so you can save time and money before you start the hunt.

1. Size consideration

For huge living rooms, you need to decide how much space the sofa will need to fill. If you’re considering having other sofas/chairs or coffee tables, a simple sofa or an L-shaped sofa will be a better choice. The Losanna 3.5 Seater Sofa by Roberto Bendini is a full-grain leather sofa with chrome-plated metal legs. Imported from Italy, its simple design will complement other furniture you’re considering having.

If you want to have your sofa as the focal point instead, sofas with rounder shapes that take up more room and offer more seats would be a better option. The Freccia Leather Sofa by Kelvin Ng offers a range of seating options. Made of full-grain leather and stainless steel legs, this round-shaped sofa will be the centre of attention in the living room.

For smaller living rooms, the sofa will always be in the spotlight. Picking something that is practical or of a strong design will help to carry and complement the rest of the space. The Giovane 3 Seater Leather by Kelvin Ng is made up of full-grain leather and solid wood legs. Its small size is not only suitable for small living rooms, but its neutral tone also matches with any wall colour.

 2. Think of the material

You’ll need to choose the right upholstery fabric or leather type according to your lifestyle. It is also essential to research the material of sofa you’re interested in like its cleaning code and maintenance recommendations. The Venus Fabric Sofa by OM Studio is made of upholstery grade fabric and stainless steel legs. It has an adjustable headrest function where users can relax comfortably. Suitable for young children and pets, scratches and stains are not that visible and easy to remove.

3. Frame quality

Investing in a good quality sofa frame will last for a very long time. To determine if the frame is of good quality, hold the side frame and move it side to side. The same goes for the back frame. The frame should not wobble or twist if it is sturdy. The Dandy Leather Sofa by Roberto Bendini is a full-grain leather sofa with an elegant stainless steel frame and chrome-plated metal legs. It has an adjustable backrest that allows users to go from seating to a lounging position. Stainless steel frames are durable and resistant to corrosion. It gives the sofa an aesthetic and simple appearance.

4. Always measure

It is very important to always measure a sofa to make sure the maximum sofa dimensions fit the living space. Take note of the depth of the sofa if you have a small room as the depth rarely changes in large and small sofas. Also, take note of the height if there are shelves above.

The dimensions of doors or stairways that the sofa will be passing through needs to be taken into consideration too to prevent damaging your walls. If there is limited access, it is better to opt for low-back styled sofas. The Iago Full Leather 3.5 Seater Sofa by Ciabbi is a full-grain leather with powder-coated steel legs. Made in Italy, it comes with 2 electric recliners that offer exceptional comfort when sitting up or lying back. It can also be reclined back to reduce the height of the sofa for easier access through doors and stairways.

5. Style & configuration of sofa

It is best to consider the functionality of the sofa over its aesthetics. Ask yourself questions like “do you host people often or do you live alone?” These will help to narrow down the type of sofa you should get.

For small living rooms, having the right sofa in the right place is important for the flow of space. Napola Black Leather Sofa by Kelvin Giormani is a top-grain leather sofa with an elegant stainless steel frame. Designed to accentuate a minimalist setting, its simple, sleek, and elegant design also comes with adjustable headrests. This sofa is available from 1.5-seater to 4-seater. A 2.5-seater or 3-seater would be ideal for those that prefer to kick back, unwind, and enjoy their favourite movie or shows.

For huge living rooms, you might want to create a more open and airier feel to emphasize casual comfort. Having 2 sofas placed in an L-shape is a popular choice for big families as it seats more people without making the living room look cramped. Alternatively, some people would opt for L-shaped sofas to save costs than buying 2 sofas. The Dado Leather Sofa by Roberto Bendini is an Italian-imported full-grain leather sofa with stainless steel legs. It is the perfect piece for lounging while leaving plenty of space for walking and prevents the room from looking overly formal.