OM Furniture Blog | Maximising Spaces at Home

In: Useful Reading On: Friday, September 10, 2021

Many consumers in Singapore face a challenge in trying to maximise the space of their HDB flats.  When you’re living in a small space, it’s difficult to try to fit everything in without turning your home into a mess. Therefore, decorating small spaces can be quite a challenge and consumers need to come up with creative solutions to overcome those obstacles. However, that sense of accomplishment when you look at your stylish and organized living space can be really rewarding.

Whether you live in a small apartment or want your home to look more decluttered and spacious, we have some of these tips to make your home look bigger and spacious while maintaining a style that will surely impress your guests, even if you live in a HDB flat.

1. Focus on vertical decorations

The trick to decorating small spaces is to make the eyes believe that the space is larger. If your living area is small, you can take advantage of the wall space by decorating vertically. This will draw the eyes upwards and elongate the living room while looking stylish at the same time.

The Straight Edge Shelf by Gal Tevet is exquisitely crafted with a solid walnut frame and dark stained lacquer. Besides acting as a storage space for your books and display items, its narrow width gives your space some height while taking up little space.

2. Buying pieces with exposed legs

A sofa is essential for most living rooms as it is a place for people to relax and enjoy some entertainment after a long day at work or school. It is also where most guests will gather whenever they visit. Furniture with exposed legs add more visual space by tricking your eyes into thinking there is more space, thus, giving your living room a more open feel.

Bonus: they can also provide you with extra storage space if needed.

Having one large sofa as a statement piece in your living room makes it look bigger as compared to multiple small pieces that give an illusion of a small and cluttered room. The Ettore Full Leather L-shaped Sofa by Ciabbi has exposed legs and gives the room a more spacious vibe. Made from Italian leather, the Ettore Full Leather L-shaped Sofa is easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is to clean it using a water-based leather cleaner and conditioner. The Ettore Full Leather L-shaped Sofa also has hidden compartment spaces under the armrests, which can be used as storage.

3. Open Concept Kitchen

Photo taken from HDB’s My Nice Home Gallery

If your kitchen is an open concept kitchen, you can create a small dining area with the space between your living room and kitchen. Having an open concept kitchen saves space and are usually a good place to socialise and entertain guests. An open layout also allows more flexibility and gave your home a more open and spacious feel.


The Adwin Dining Table is a simple table finished in walnut veneer top and walnut legs. It can be paired with the Tamiko Dining Chair as both pieces of furniture have a streamlined shape. Placing the dining chairs against the open concept kitchen helps to maximize the floor space. Subsequently, these pieces possess narrow looking legs that can help make the area feel open and light.

4. More glass products

Clear glass helps to make a small room look even spacious. Make use of the walls and opt for bigger windows. Using floor-to-ceiling drapes are a stylish way to accentuate your windows and add more height to the room due to the use of vertical space as mentioned earlier. Similarly, having a clear coffee table adds helps to give the illusion of bigger floor space.

The Edge Coffee Table is finished with solid wood and natural wood veneer. It has a clear glass top, perfect for small living rooms as it helps to make the room look bigger. Its thin legs also help to add on more visual space and provide extra storage space when needed.

5. Utilize multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture uses spaces more efficiently, making your home look spacious and homey. They also minimize clutter by reducing the number of pieces in a room, making the space appear more inviting. Having multi-functional furniture means you don’t have to purchase different furniture since you can have one item that has different functions. This not only saves space, but you’ll be also able to save money.


The Cohen Coffee Table serves as a piece of multi-functional furniture that can act as a regular coffee table and offers extra storage space. Finished with natural wood veneer, the Cohen Coffee Table may look like a simple, edgy coffee table with brass legs that add sophistication to your living room. Part of the tabletop can be lifted to reveal a hidden space to keep any accessories like tissues and coasters. Likewise, another drawer can be pulled from the side to keep your remote controls.