Why are Restonic Mattresses so Affordable?

In: Useful Reading On: Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why are Restonic mattresses so Affordable?

Consumers are often taken aback by the prices of mattress when they go shopping for their new home.  This is especially true when it comes to premium branded mattresses.

The salespeople for mattresses are all highly trained and will convince customers that this is due to the materials used, the research and development and the comfort of the mattresses.

The reality is that most premium mattresses are very similar, all spring mattresses will have a support layer made of tempered steel springs, all mattresses will have a comfort layer made up of a variety of foams which may include memory foam or latex and all mattresses will be covered in a layer of textile called the ticking.

So why do some mattresses cost more than others. There are two main reasons for the high prices of these premium mattresses:

Better known and popular brands spend more on advertisement so their costs are higher and they charge more because consumers are willing to pay more. 

The biggest factor in the price of a mattress in Singapore is due to the profit margins that retailers and distributors make.

Virtually all mattresses in Singapore are imported by distributors, these distributors play an important role, they:

Keep stock in their warehouses for delivery

Advertise the mattress to create awareness 

Consign display mattresses to retailers such as department stores and chain stores

Hire promoters to sell these mattresses at retailers

As a result, they incur a lot of costs which are passed on to the retailers along with the profit they make.

Most Singaporeans buy their mattress in department stores, chain stores and retail stores who sell mattresses from these distributors.  Retailers in turn need to make a profit after paying their sales staff and rental.  The biggest part of the price a consumer pays for a mattress is the retail margin that retailer add on to the cost of the mattress they pay to distributors.

To keep prices down for consumers, OM does not purchase any mattress from distributors, we buy our mattresses directly from the factories.  This enables us to skip one layer of margins, the biggest layer in fact.  When you buy a Restonic mattress from our showroom you are just paying what retailers would pay to a distributor or what is commonly known as wholesale price.